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is First Nations Administration Management software, designed by First Nations to meet the needs of First Nations.

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allows members to login to update contact and employment information.

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provides an easy way for employers to search employees or post job listings.

Membership database

Database4Nations is a centralized citizenship database, inspired by First Nations to meet the unique needs of First Nations.

Our motto is Linking our People. Database4Nations can link core membership data, improving the communication between all Band sectors, whose system users can access what they need, with the right permissions, working with the most up-to-date, validated information.

Plus, members have their own account login to update variable contact details

Key Features:

  • Data updates visible across all departments
  • Simple and Filtered searches, view or export results
  • Standard Reporting in easy-to-read tables, graphs, charts
  • Web-based – accessible anywhere with internet connection
  • Customizable options to collect information relevant to your band
  • Emails easy to send to single person or whole membership
  • Employment resources –certification tracking, resumes, job postings
  • Member and Employer accounts for self-service

Watch our video for a sneak peek:

Contact us to arrange for a FREE DEMO to see the power of the program yourself!