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Your Centralized Database


  • All departments can access most up to date information! No more disconnected data.
  • Your Database Administrator controls permissions for each System User on options to view, edit or delete most sections.
  • Import your current data with our template spreadsheet; no manual entry required.
  • Member list can be searched with Quick Search or Filtered Search.
  • Filter based on most fields and apply multiple conditions – Name, Status, Age range, Gender, etc.
  • Contact information, current mailing or physical addresses, Emergency Contact are all easy to update by member login.
  • Audit logs to review past access and changes


Select from five different pre-configured reports, displaying tables, charts and graphs, based on live data

  • Members per Age Group
  • Members by Gender
  • Members by On Reserve and Off Reserve
  • Members by Country
  • Gender by Age Group

Members Birthday report can display birthdays for any month and export to a communications list for email or physical mail greetings.

Filtered Searches of almost any data field can also be exported to a spreadsheet for conversion to a graphic for any further reporting needs.


Customize requested data as it best suits your membership, so you collect and search what you need

  • Add names of possible Bands
  • List Certifications
  • Edit Education Attainment, if default is not desired
  • Add or remove Job Considerations
  • Customize list of Reserves

Member Account

Members can access the program with a username and password. They can upload a picture, a resume, or supporting documents; they can update their contact information or emergency contact; they can search job postings.